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Current Swedish Archaeology Vol. 30 2022 : The Swedish Archaeological Society

Sophie Bergerbrant (red.), Allison Klevnäs (red.)

Current Swedish Archaeology, no. 30 2022

Sophie Bergerbrant & Alison Klevnäs

Søren M. Sindbæk
Pirates in the Age of Populism: New Viking Exhibitions in Stockholm and Copenhagen

Howard Williams
Public Viking Research in Museums and Beyond

Caroline Owman
There is No Essential Museum

Chris Tuckley
The Viking Brand in Crisis?

Håkon Glørstad
Populistic Exhibitions or Dedicated to a New Elite of Consumers?

Matthias S. Toplak
Victims of Their Own Success: Academia and Public Research on 'The Vikings'

Fredrik Svanberg
Hip Viking Heritage

Søren M. Sindbæk
This Belongs in a Museum: Reply to Comments

Marianne Hem Eriksen
Body-Worldings of Later Scandinavian Prehistory: Making Oddkin with Two Body-Objects

Leszek Gardeta, Peter Pentz & Neil Price
Revisiting the 'Valkyries': Armed Females in Viking Age Figurative Metalwork

Daniel Löwenborg
Review: Fredrik Gunnarsson
Det digitala uppdraget: Om uppdragsarkeologins möjligheter att skapa relevant kunskap i ett digitalt samhälle
Current Swedish Archaeology Vol. 30 2022

Soft cover

156 pages

Published 2022

Language eng

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