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Current Swedish Archaeology Vol. 29 2021 : The Swedish Archaeological Society

Current Swedish Archaeology, no. 29 2021

Sophie Bergerbrant & Alison Klevnäs

Christina Fredengren
Beyond Entanglement

Adrienne C. Frie
Multispecies Futures

Andrew Meirion Jones
Disentangling Entanglement: Archaeological Encounters with the Concept of Entanglement

Kristina Jennbert
Post-Humanistic Approaches in Archaeology

Richard Bradley
More Than

Nerissa Russell
Power and Othering

László Bartosiewics
Herding Cats

Kristin Armstrong Oma
The View from Cheap Seats: An Archaeologist Grappling with Mutispecies Entanglements

Christina Fredengren
Training the Mind to go Visiting

Ingunn M. Røstad
First Ladies: Ornamental Bow Brooches and the Negotitation of Elite Female Status and Roles in Iron-Age Norway (c. 400-900 AD)

Alexandra Pesch
Social Transformation and Resilience: The Example of Continental Animal Style III and the Tassilo-Liutpirc Chalice

Elisabeth Arwill-Nordbladh & Ing-Marie Back Danielsson
Affective Interventions and 'the Hegemonic Other' in Runestones from Västergötland and Södermanland, Sweden

Anton Larsson
Landslides vs Archaeology: Case Studies of Site Loss and Emergency Fieldwork in Västra Götaland County, Sweden

Marianne Skandfer
Review: Markus Fjellström
Food Cultures in Sápmi: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of the Heterogeneous Cultural Landscape of Nortlhern Fennoscandia AD 600-1900

Sven Kalmring
The Golden Trowel: New Annual Award from the Swedish Archaeological Society Highlights the Value of Escavation Reports
Current Swedish Archaeology Vol. 29 2021

Soft cover

218 pages

Published 2021

Language eng

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